Mātauranga Māori

Our feet should take us to find this knowledge. The most important thing is getting out there, don’t sit in a classroom and learn and talk about these aspects outside of the environments themselves”

Wayne Ngata, Ngāti Ira. Waka Huia Atua Matua full episode. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fhZ5ZYEb2GA

Tony Jones spent almost three years at Te Aratika Academy fine turning a curriculum that was underpinned by field work/EOTC.

During that time he was supported by a team who were highly committed to ensuring that the starting point of any trip or experience began with an exploration of the relevant mātauranga Māori.

To that end you can be assured that Field-Based STEM will ensure that every field trip or experience is underpinned by a mātauranga Māori enquiry. Tony has applied to be accepted on the Mātauranga Māori NZ Certificate course with Te Wānanga 0 Aotearoa.

So whether the starting point is a field based exploration of a students’ pepeha (visiting her/his awa, maunga, marae …) or a hikoi along the river matching changes in pepeha with changing scientific observations – interweaving all aspects of learning is a priority.


Wayne Ngata, Ngāti Ira
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