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Field-Based STEM.

Specialist support for field-based local curriculum

MoE Funding

The Ministry of Education funds teacher professional learning through its Regionally Allocated PLD initiative. MoE has some priorities eg STEM, Local Curriculum Design, and mātauranga Māori. Successful applications can be for a few hours to support an individual, up to 80 hours to support a department, 200 hours for a school, or even 500 hours to support a cluster of schools.

These hours can be used in classroom settings with all of your class or on field trips with your class. They can also be used one on one with teachers. In addition to being available during standard school hours, Field-Based STEM is available after school, on weekends, and on holidays.

For help with the application, click the link: https://calendly.com/fieldbasedstem/60min

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